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Welcome to FlightAirMap

Display flights on map

Real or virtual flights are displayed in real-time on a 2D or 3D map. Airports are also available on map. Statistics for pilots and/or owners are generated.

Display vessels on map

Vessels are displayed in real-time on a 2D or 3D map.

Display trackers on map

Trackers are displayed in real-time on a 2D or 3D map.

2D and 3D map

3D models for flights, vessels, car, trucks,... are available for 3D map.

Many map layers can be used : OpenStreetMap, Google Map, Bing, Yandex,...

Free & Open Source

FlightAirMap is available under GNU Lesser General Public License 3 (LGPL3).

Commercial license available.

Many sources can be used

Real flights using ADS-B (SBS, Dump1090, ModeSmixer, VRS,...) or virtual flights from IVAO, VATSIM, phpVMS,....

Vessels using NMEA AIS over TCP

Trackers using APRS or HidnSeek trackers

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FlightAirMap includes:

  • Statistics for airlines, aircrafts, airports,...
  • Schedules informations for real flights
  • ACARS messages support
  • Aircraft accidents and incidents
  • Archive of old flights, vessels or/and trackers
  • METAR and NOTAM support
  • Many sources can be used : ADS-B, VRS, VATSIM, IVAO, phpVMS, Glidernet,AIS, APRS,...
  • 3D map using Cesium
  • Satellite tracking on 3D map
  • Several sources can be used at the same time
  • Support MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL as DB
  • Multi-language support (english and french for now)

FlightAirMap is a free and Open Source PHP application displaying flights, vessels and/or trackers on a map from source of your choice.


Altitude, paraglider, ArticDEM,... 12.6.2017 15:43

FlightAirMap can now convert height from WGS84 ellipsoid (used by geoid) to mean sea level (AMSL) and vice versa. Ground level can be displayed on flight data using Earth Gravitational Model 96 or 2008.

High-resolution Arctic Terrain with ArcticDEM support is added. Screenshot_20170612_171918.png

Paraglider 3D model Screenshot_20170522_151416.png

All name of flights can be displayed on 2D map Screenshot_20170503_174014.png

Statistics for vessels and trackers 21.4.2017 15:33

Vessels and trackers now have statistics like type, countries, month, day, time,...

Screenshot_20170421_172141.png Screenshot_20170421_172209.png

2D map refresh is faster and upgrade to Cesium 1.32 7.4.2017 13:33

Now, when archive is enabled, refresh of flights display is really fast. This issue is now resolved. Screenshot_20170407_152707.png

3D map use Cesium, and it's now updated to latest version 1.32. Screenshot_20170407_152631.png

Change chart from Google to D3.js 27.3.2017 14:09

All charts will be migrated to D3.js, it's faster and can be customized.

Screenshot_20170327_155333.png Screenshot_20170327_155817.png

Development of cars, trucks, joggers,... tracking 3.3.2017 14:26

I'm adding support for cars, trucks, joggers, shuttles, ambulances, bus,... tracking. For now only APRS can used as source.

Ships support will be added, using AIS as source.